Baton Rouge Shooting Live – 3 Police Officers Died, Injured Battling for Life

Baton Rouge Shooting has killed 3 police officers so far. The shooting took place near the Police headquarters where a suspected lone attacker opened fire against the Police. This incident took place after the massive protest of the residents against the Police shooting.

The scene has been contained but the shooter has not been captured yet. The injured police officials have been shifted to the hospitals but the condition of the officers is very serious and it has been reported that they are battling for life. The death toll can increase if the injured officers lose the battle.

The attack was sudden and unexpected and there was hardly any time to react for the police on this regard. This is the second incident after the Dallas Attack where many died by a lone attacker who tried to revenge the Baton Rouge Shooting by the Police.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office and sheriff’s deputies were involved in the shooting when at least one gunman ambushed them. Mutiple officers have suffered from the shooting withe serious injuries from both the agencies. The residents are alarmed to stay inside near the Airline Highway.

It has been reported that the attacker has suffered a gunshot but his condition is yet to be ascertained.

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