Bangladesh is rising from the tag of Islamic extremist country. The efforts of the Bangladesh government and people are visible in their campaigns and government crackdown on Islamic extremist groups.

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Since the bakery attack in Bangladesh, the bodies of the terrorists were unclaimed. No body came to claim the bodies nor any Muslim group allowed their land for burring the ISIS terrorists. On Monday, around ten thousand students from various colleges in Bangladesh took to the street to protest against the Islamic extremist uprising in the country. The relatives of the killed terrorist were still in shock and have condemned the heinous act of killing innocents. The students made a huge human change with posters of peace and tolerance.

One of the student attending the campaign said “We want to live in peace and let other people live in peace”. The Bangladesh government has launched a campaign to name and shame the Islamic extremists. More than 300,000 mosques have asked the followers of Islam to spread the message that Islam forbids killing any human.

As per the Bangladesh police authority, the bodies of five terrorists killed in the Dhaka attack were still in the morgue and no one is ready to burry them in their land.

Most of the ISIS terrorists killed in the Dhaka attack were from rich and affluent families. These teenagers reportedly traveled to Syria to get training to carry massacre in their homeland. The brother of the slain terrorist Mohammad Abdullah said that his brother has betrayed his country and religion by killing innocent people. Thus they want his body to rot in the morgue.