Bangalore Molestation has left everyone shocked and panicked apart from the Home Minister as he has already drawn the conclusion. Yes, the famous, “Western Dress”. It is like the same once Mulayam Singh said, “Boys! Do Mistake!”. The political leaders comment and encourage the hooligans to molest, group, touch women as they want because they were wearing Western Dress.

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Well, let’s not bring the political leaders here at the Night of the New Year. India enters 2017 with the Mass Molestation allegations in one of the most western influenced cities. But the question is, can’t Indian men resist a woman in Western clothes? Well, it looks not.

Bangalore Molestation has raised several questions. The women said that there were people at M G Road, Brigade Road, Residency Road and they were trying to group from every side. It was tough to identify who was doing what. Friends did try to save the girls from the hooligans but Bangalore thought, “Let’s touch women, as we are drunk and it’s New Year”.

The problem is that everyone knows, once something like this happens, political leaders from various sections will come with comments that encourage rapists. The ultra Feminists will take the point to “Why Can’t we wear Western Dress” and Police will say, “Women should not come out at night”. The entire fiasco has become so common that Indian men can’t really handle a woman forget about women in western dress.

It is a matter of consequences. People get the encouragement and feel this is right because there are no consequences. Bangalore Molestation is just an example of the deteriorating Indian society. This is excruciating to the see the society falling like broken building.

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