Baduria Violence

Baduria violence is all but creating a huge mess in the state of West Bengal. The West Bengal government has so far failed to control the violence that was triggered due to an FB post. An 18-year-old boy posted something about a particular religion and since then the entire Basirhat area has turned into a fireball. The opposition parties try to enter the Riot-Hit area but the Government stopped them.

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Mamata Banerjee the chief minister of West Bengal has accused the BJP of inciting violence in the area. However, the BJP has blamed the Trinamool Congress for the communal violence that has taken place in Baduria Violence. Since last five days deployed and the entire area is under constant monitoring at a time when the prime minister is in Germany to attend the G20 Summit.

Bengal is burning but who should be blamed for it? Are the Political Parties or the people of the area? There was a time when Bengal who was considered as a progressive Society. It was often told that what Bengal thinks today India thinks tomorrow. However, things are not the same. In the span of last five days, Bengal has turned to a communal place where people from one religion have become the enemy of other. If you visit the Baduria Violence hit area, you will find gutted shops, burnt houses, crushed hopes and a fallen Society. People who used to live together have turned against each other. The hatred has been fuelled by the political parties, but shouldn’t be they aware of such hatred? The opposition parties are trying to game some points out of it. But is a Riot hit the area the ultimate situation to gain points? Shouldn’t they be more responsible towards the country? Towards the society? The chief minister of West Bengal has urged the political parties to cooperate the government but she has failed miserably so far to contain the situation. As per the reports of various news agencies, the situation is still critical. More Police have been deployed in the area. According to Media coverage of the local sources, Hindu families are getting targeted by the small bricks, stones, but if you here some other reports you will find retaliation from Hindus as well. The priority of the political parties and the government should be to normalize the situation first. The boy who had no idea what his FB post can do has been arrested.

But is it how a democracy works? Is this the way an opinion is treated? People have called it blasphemous but in Indian democracy, there is no place for blasphemy. What should Chief Minister of West Bengal do? She must restore the peace in Bengal before punishing the criminals behind the Riot.

There are many topics to be discussed, to be debated, but first, the situation has to get normal.