Bacteria Infection is one of the major problems faced by this generation. Starting from urinal infection to fevers, the bacteria infection has a major role to play in the modern day health issues. However, new studies might have found the results of it. As per the new studies, low to moderate physical activity can lower down the risk of infection caused by the bacteria.

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The study was carried out in Denmark and it was found that the bacteria harm more in leisure time. However, during the physical activity, the impact of the bacteria looks less. As per the study and results carried out by the Alborg University, Denmark, the low to moderate physical activity can actually reduce the chance of infection by 21% to 32%.

The study included the antibiotics prescription and association was carried out with the disease, leisure time and the activity duration. Even though the study has not made any revelation about the serious infection and disease, but the normal and the most frequent bacterial infection can be well handled with the physical activity as per the study.

Fitness has become an important part of the today’s generation and this study further establishes that physical activity can get rid of many diseases from bacteria to mental diseases.

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