Azerbaijan Armenia conflict
Source: France 24

Azerbaijan Armenia conflict is now turning out into a full-blown war. After Azerbaijan targeted the capital region of Armenian separatists’, Stepanakert, parts of Ganja was attacked.

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A missile attacked part of Ganja and nearby city Mingecevir.

There has been no confirmation on the death toll. However, the team of AFP confirmed that rescue teams removed black bags containing body parts.

This could disappoint all the efforts of the international powers to relax tensions. The countries previously agreed to a ceasefire. However, it did not last for long. Countries like Turkey are already supporting Azerbaijan for a full-blown war.

Reports confirmed that there were houses turned to rubble by the strike. Many roofs collapsed and walls shattered.

France 24 reported that the missiles attacked when people were sleeping or watching TV at night. People came outside in panic. The houses were destroyed in front of their eyes. Initial reports confirmed at least 20 homes were destroyed.

This comes after six days when another missile struck another part of Ganja city which killed 10 civilians. 

Mingecevir, a strategic city with a huge dam. It is protected by the anti-missile defense system. It is however not clear whether the missile was destroyed or it bypassed the defense.

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has re-erupted between the arch-rival Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Azerbaijan Armenia Conflict has so far claimed 700 people including 80 civilians from both the side.

The western region of Azerbaijan has remained under the separatist’s ethnic Armenian group since 1994 after a ceasefire of war that killed 30,000 people.

Armenia backs the separatists but does not recognize independence. Armenia admitted that Azerbaijan made good inroads into the area.

This is the worst Azerbaijan Armenia conflict is the worst since 1994 when Christian majority Armenia and Muslim majority Azerbaijan had come face to face.