Aunt of Kim Jong-Un Reveals Unknown Facts About North Korea and Kim

Aunt of Kim Jong-Un lives in a drive away distance from the New York City in the United States. It has been covered and reported by the Washington Post and the names of her entire family have been kept secret respecting the privacy and security of the family.

Who is Aunt of Kim Jung-Un

It has been reported that Ko Yong-Suk was the sister of Ko Yong-Hui. Hui was the mother of the now Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Un. It has been said that she was sent to Switzerland to look after the kids studying there from the Ruling Family of North Korea. She along with her husband and three kids were defected to the United States in 1998 and found a place to stay. She informed that she and her family once enjoyed the privileged status in North Korea and now Ko Yong-Sui runs a dry cleaning shop near New York City.

North Korea Secrets

Ko Yong-Suk, aunt of Kim Jong-Un has revealed many secrets of the North Korea that were not known. According to the Washington Post, Kim Jong-Un was born in 1984 along with her son as well. Previously, it was believed that Kim was born in 1982 or 1983. She also told that since childhood, Kim did not have behavioral problems but he was short tempered and lost his cool often. In a conversation, she revealed that Kim-Jong-Un knew that he would become the leader when he was mere 10 years kid. Eight Years later, he was given a military dress and the entire North Korea Military started bowing down to him. Today, he is one of the leaders of a country from where almost no information comes up. It is highly militarized and sealed for the rest of the world.

However, it was not mentioned that why she and her family defected to the US. Her kids have completed graduation and now have found jobs as well. It is reported that CIA initially funded them for a house in the US.