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Form Adult star, Aubrey Gold or Lauren Wambles is charged with murder in Florida. The 23-year-old former adult star, charged with murder along with her boyfriend and another man. The charges came after a dead body was found in the shallow graves in Florida last week. Aubrey Gold has appeared in 31 adult films between 2015 to 2018 as per IMDB.

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The man was found to be Raul Guiilen. As per WDHN, the 51-year-old man was last seen at the home of Jeremie Peters, 43 at Graceville, Florida. He was reported missing since the end of July. Police found his body on Tuesday off a road in Graceville.

Source: WDHN

Lauren Wambles who also goes by Aubrey Gold is charged with principal to the murder. Her 35-years-boyfriend William Parker also faces an open count on murder. Peters on the other hand has been charged with an associate to the murder and abuse of a corpse.

The investigation started as a sexual assault case in Jackson county. A woman said that a man named William Shane Parker raped her in May. However, after two months into the investigation, the woman said that her roommate Raul Guiilen is missing, however, she was not sure.

The investigation started along with Houston County. It was later found that Raul was killed in Holmes county and sought assistance.

The investigation leads to the last known location of Raul Guillen and evidence of homicides was found.

Aubrey Gold is held at the Houston County Jail and awaiting extradition. Meanwhile, her boyfriend, William Parker, is held at Jackson County Correctional Facility, and Peters at the Holmes County Jail.

The Police informed that the investigation is still open and more assets are possible in this case. Many agencies and the Sheriff’s office came together to resolve the case.