Atul B Tapkir, a known and famous Marathi Filmmaker has allegedly committed suicide in a hotel room in Pune. The filmmaker left everything wide open in his Facebook page before committing suicide. According to his Facebook post, he was suffering huge financial losses for his production Dhol Taashe. He has also mentioned about a troubled family life and accused his wife of the harassment.

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On Sunday Morning, the police broke the door of the hotel room where he was staying and found his lifeless body. A case has been registered for accidental death for the 35 years old filmmaker. The young Marathi Filmmaker had troubled life ever since he produced the movie Dhol Taashe. In a detailed Facebook post in Marathi, he mentioned that he was backed by his father and sister but his wife Priyanka has always harassed him. He even said that his wife has thrown him out of his house and he is staying away since last six months. He could not even meet his child, he complained before committing suicide. He said that his wife threatened him and cunningly reported against him and his family and harassed them by playing with the law.

The desperate Filmmaker said that he does not have any other option and he is taking the extreme step. However, he wants his son to be raised by his father instead of his wife, Priyanka. He said that all the harassment evidence are kept in a Pen Drive. He even appealed the Chief Minister to understand that there is a Man’s story behind every woman’s complaint and it should be heard as well.