Daniel Cameron
Source: Fox News

Attorney General Daniel Cameron of Kentucky is facing the wrath of Black People. The first black attorney general of Kentucky is facing the ire after the verdict of Breonna Taylor.

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Tamika Mallory, co-founder of Women’s March said that he is no better than the people who sold out negroes and people into slavery. She labeled the charges against him and called him a sell-out.

However, things did not stop there and she accused the Republicans of not being one among them. She said that Daniel Cameron does not belong to the black people.

Previously, the mother of Breonna Taylor said that she never had faith in Daniel Cameron and she knew that her daughter will not get justice.

The protestors believe that the fight is far from over. The protest is still continuing in Louisville and police are trying to control. The protests have spread to different parts of the cities in the US as well.

The protestors on Friday night blocked the Brooklyn bridge. The protests are also witnessed in Boston, New York, Portland, and other cities across the US.

The protests erupted after the grand jury in Louisville indicted only one officer for criminal charges for the death of Breonna Taylor. However, none of them were charged for her death.

Louisville Police previously arrested at least 127 people for violence during the protest. Two police officers were also shot during the first day of the protest.