• Asteroid Collision with Earth looks inevitable by the scientists all over the world. The Asteroid collision theory at least suggests the same. According to the new Asteroid Collision 2017 research, the Asteroid belt near the earth can create huge destruction. The scientists believe that it is not about whether the collision of Asteroid with Earth will happen or not, it is in fact when it will happen. Is it 2017 or 2018? Well, there are no concrete answers to it, but it is inevitable and it could be a surprise for many of us.

    The recent surge in the meteor shower shows that asteroid racing towards the earth has increased. The scientists have identified many such objects, some big and some small, but there is no way that it can be controlled. The collision can have a drastic and dangerous impact. If the scientists from the Queen’s University Belfast are to be believed then it can raze cities immediately. The explosion of the objects in the atmosphere of the earth can be even more hazardous. There can be chain reactions and can be enough to dent the human progression.

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    In 1908, trees and 2000 square kilometers of ground were burned in Tunguska Asteroid explosion in Siberia area of Russia. This was just a small instance what can an Asteroid do. The impact can be much more now considering the increased human density, structures, buildings and many more reasons. The Near Earth Asteroids are threatening and many are yet to be found.

    Scientists have a constant vigil in the sky every time to find out the near earth asteroids. In fact, they have found out 1800 potential threats as well, apart from countless harmless asteroids. But the dangers lie beyond these. It is a matter of time when an asteroid collision with earth becomes a reality and we may get an irrecoverable loss.