Arvind Kejriwal set a new trend during the Odd-Even day in New Delhi. The Odd-Even formula has just hit the second phase in the National Capital of India to tackle the air pollution and climate change. People of Delhi can take out the vehicles with odd numbers on odd days and even numbers on even days. However, the people faced a bad situation when private taxies like Uber and Ola started charging people even more during the time. Arvind Kejriwal, immediately came into action and warned the private taxis of strict actions if the surge in fair is stopped. However, Uber and Ola rolled out he surge in charges and decided not to go ahead with it.

Arvind Kejriwal set the trend

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The Delhi Chief Minister has set a trend to end the troubles for the commuters. However, this is a trend that trouble many commuters every day in the big cities in India. The surge in fair up to 4 times is expected during the peak hours in many cities. Commuters have to pay the amount as they don’t have many options. The surge in fair can be seen even during the rains. However, the governments can come strong on surging fair. There is no doubt that Uber or Ola is here for business but that should not hurt the people badly. There should be a limit to the surging fair and that can only be done by the government.

Arvind Kejriwal has started a trend and it will be interesting to see how whether other states get motivated with it.