Arshid Qureshi has been arrested in Navi Mumbai, after Kerala Police and ATS launched a joint operation. He is the key suspect of IS Recruitment in India. Interestingly, Arshid is also Public Relations Officer in Islamic Research Foundation, the organization of Zakir Naik. He has been sent to 4 days of custody.

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First complaint against Arshid came , a month earlier when one of the family members of a missing youth, suspected to have joined ISIS, came against him. It was said that he played a key role in brainwashing and radicalising the youth in Kerala. Police was after him since then.

Arshid Qureshi is believed to be close to Zakir Naik, the controversial Preacher. He is currently in Saudi Arabia and has made it clear that he is not returning to his native country, India at least this year. Investigation has been launched against him and all his speech that are streamed online and aired on Peace TV are currently been scrutinised. He has denied any wrongdoing though.

Zakir Naik came to Media highlight after Bangladesh blamed his lectures for the Dhaka Attack. He recently gave a Skype interview and made it clear that he does not promote terrorism and also called ISIS unislamic.

The exact role of Arshid Qureshi has however not been told by the Police. However, the interrogation of police may further reveal some more details.

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