Arshad Warsi is considered one of the best actors in Bollywood especially for a satire and a comic role. His Jolly LLB was one of the jewels but he has been replaced by Akshay Kumar for Jolly LLB 2. It created huge speculations for the replacement but now Arshad Warsi has opened up on Jolly LLB 2. He has said the truth of Bollywood and that is basically saddening.

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Arshad told that the producers Fox Studios wanted a bigger star for the movie. He explained that it becomes easier to market the movie and the chances of a hit get increased by multiple times. Akshay Kumar has the capability to turn a movie hit. However, he said that , producers need to make a great movie with an actor like him. He said that any actor who is not Superstar in Bollywood needs excellent script to make a movie hit. However, the superstars can make any movie superhit.

This has been the concept of Bollywood movies since long time. Arshad Warsi opened up and said that he has even spoken to the director and convinced him to go ahead with Akshay Kumar. He said that Akshay is a tremendous actor and can work like a magic for the movie. He also revealed that the budget of the movie is bigger and fatter this time thanks to the name and brand of Akshay Kumar associated with it.

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