Arijit Singh Salman Khan controversy has once again fuming in the media. The old story is once again surfacing again for the Ishetehar Song in Welcome to New York movie. All debate started when it was reported that Salman Khan has once again removed the voice of Arijit Singh from the movie. Salman is playing a cameo in the movie. The fire was shot and everyone started speculating about the age old rift.

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Producer Vasu Bhagnani confirmed that Arijit Singh never gave his voice to any of the songs in the movie Welcome to New York. He clarified that there is no way that his voice has been removed, as he never sung for it. Well, the Ishtehar song is the voice of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Arijit Singh never sung for it in any manner, confirmed the makers. So, basically, everything is based on some rumours and speculations.

The real rift of Arijit Singh Salman Khan controversy was exposed during the Sultan movie. Salman Khan allegedly removed the version of Jag Ghumiya from Sultan Movie. Arijit publically requested Salman to keep his song on Facebook, but in vain. However, that did not stop anyone.

Arijit Singh is one of the most desired singers in the industry. He sings in almost all movies that do not feature Salman Khan, so hardly 1-2 movies per year. He is winning hearts of many with his voice. Salman Khan, on the other hand, delivering hits and latest among which is Tiger Zinda Hain. So, overall, both are doing well, and without each other. So, the controversy that has been created is just imaginary and gossip.