Singer Arijit Singh has chosen to plead forgiveness to Salman Khan. Arijit Singh chose to put his long post on Facebook and ask Salman Khan to forgive him. He also informed that he never insulted Salman Khan on the award show but it was a wrong time. Arijit Singh said that Salman Khan hosting made him Sleep.

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From the post, it is clear that Arijit Singh and Salman Khan had a scuffle during an award show. The talented singer said that he tried to communicate to him many times but Dabangg Khan did not really bother about him. He even texted him but Salman ignored. He later chose to put the post on Facebook.

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Salman Khan: “You were sleeping right?”

Arijit Singh: You People Made me Sleep

It is still unclear that why he posted on Facebook and whether he insulted Salman Khan intentionally or in the wrong aura. However, there is no doubt that Arijit Singh’s name has been added to the list of many from the Salman’s Block List. Salman Khan has even barred him from Kick.

Here is what Arijit Singh has written on his Facebook.

Arijit Singh

He has deleted this post now and said somthing that you can’t believe. Read here.

Arijit has also pleaded to keep his song for Sultan. Salman Khan has apparently removed his song from the movie. He has also ensured that Arijit never sings for him again in future. Arijit who rose to fame from Aashiqui 2 has now apologized to Salman Khan. But would Salman Khan come in front?

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