Ariana Grande Concert Blast – 19 Dead so far, toll may increase further

Ariana Grande Concert Blast in Manchester has already left 19 dead in a reported terrorist attack. The number of injured people are more than 60, said the local media. However, the death toll may further increase as there are several people who are critical and battling for life at the hospitals. Meanwhile, the attack has been considered as a Terrorist attack unless anything found otherwise.

English City Manchester is known for the concerts and programmes. It was the night when Ariana Grande Concert was organized and the Pop star had a blast until around 10.30 PM local time. It was few minutes that she left the concert and the teen concertgoers were still in the hangover of the music got trapped in an explosion loud and life taking. Many of them could not get away from the intensity of the blast and their lifeless bodies were found on the floor. The ambulances were standing outside the concert to take the injured to the hospital.

The Great Manchester Police has informed that the attack has been considered as a Terrorist attack. According to the sources, it looked like a suicide bomb that has been carried out mostly in the world. However, no group has claimed responsibility so far. The Police has already started investigating and has remained tight lipped until anything very important information comes up. However, Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has released a statement that the country is trying to establish the full details of the incident.

Meanwhile, the Pop Star Ariana Grande has reacted to the unfortunate incident where she got miraculous and narrow escape. She took to Twitter and expressed her grief and shock over the incident. She might not recover from the same for few days. Here is what she said.