Source: 9 to 5 Mac

Apple iPhone with power adapter is no longer a thing. However, the company might not get the same privilege everywhere in the world. After the company had to keep shipping the phones in France with earpods, one Brazilian state has decided to sell it with a power adapter.

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Sao Paulo has decided that Apple needs to sell the iPhone with a power adapter. The news has been confirmed by the Procon-SP which is the public consumer protection agency of Sao Paulo State. The agency previously asked Apple to explain why the power adapter was removed from the box.

The agency asked Apple previously two questions, how the missing power adapter would not harm the consumer and how it would benefit the environment. Apple replied that most users have a compatible charger and it would reduce carbon emissions.

As expected, the agency was not pleased with the response and said that the power adapter is an essential part and omitting it against the Brazilian Consumer Defence Code.

The decision is taken for Sao Paulo State, but the National Consumer Secretary is also considering this for the entire country.

It needs to be seen if other countries follow the same suit. This might make Apple reconsider the strategy not to include accessories in the iPhone.