Apple iPhone in India – The New Strategy of Apple may surprise you

Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone SE may enter a whole new market in India thanks to the marketing strategy for the Mobile major. The company is looking exclusively for Indian segment of the market but has failed to make the bid in past. However, reports suggest that the offline market for iPhone 5S will now be closed and it will be the online only phone to be sold. Interestingly, the price can be around INR 15000, a further dip from the current price of INR 18000. The price of the iPhone SE may come down to INR 20000 as well according to the reports.

This is a strategy to get into the Indian market that has done really well. Apple has made some serious considerations and found out that the iPhone SE and iPhone 5S may have to be the lifeline for the company. If the market data is carefully looked into then it can be seen that the price range from 15000 to 20000 in the smartphone market in India has increased almost 135%. However, the growth rate above INR 30000 which is predominantly the market of the Apple phones has increased only 35%.

Apple has tried to push in the refurbished models in India but failed to get the approval of the Government. The only option was to get some moderately priced phones for the Indian market to tap the most of it. It is understood that Apple will now provide huge cash back and other offers to increase the sale of the iPhone 5S and iPhone SE. However, iPhone SE may continue to be available at the retail places.