Apple iPhone 8 has big surprise and major design change as per the new leaked reports. The reports suggest thta Apple is planning for all new iPhone 8 in 2017 and it will remove one of its most popular design criteria all aluminium body. According to the reports, Apple is working on a all glass body for the iPhone 8. However, no major design change is expected in the new iPhone 7.

Apple iPhone 8

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The experts believe that Apple is predicting aluminium body will be out of fashion and new glass body will be implemented. However, that is not it. Apple is expected to implement AMOLED display for the next flagship phone. This will make major change in iPhone. It will be thinner and lighter than expected display of iPhone and thus can make good amount of change for iPhone 8. The experts believe that iPhone 8 would be one of its kind.

Apple iPhone 8 Rumors

According to the new rumors, the quality of the iPhone 8 will be enhanced even more. The life expectancy of the iPhone is expected to go higher. However, the biggest news for Apple iPhone 8 is the phasing out of aluminium body.