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Apple iPhone 7 Leak is all over the news as it has been rumored to be released on September 7. There is enough fuel in the rumor to be believed. However, everything as part of the rumors cannot be trusted even from reputed and high authority claims.

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Here we have found out two claims that are fascinating as part of the Apple iPhone 7 Leak and release and one of them is good enough to be true and another looks not so convincing.

What to be believed for Apple iPhone 7 Leak

The headphone and jack are creating enough buzz in the market for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Many users look sound disappointed when the news broke out that Apple is going to do away with the 3.5 mm jack. The ear pod came into the picture and that looked fascinating. Well, but that would not have supported the existing 3.5 mm jack. Most probably, Apple took note of it and as rumored it is introducing an adapter that can also support the existing headphones. Apple has shown sluggish growth in recent times and it would not create any situation that can irk people in terms cost. Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are going to be costlier than other versions and an additional cost could be a drawback for the company.

What not be believed for Apple iPhone 7 Leak

Another big leak that created uproar was 256 GB variants for new iPhone 7. Well, it sounds interesting but in reality not so convincing. Apple is most probably going to stick around the 128 GB variants. However, change in RAM can be a possibility. Apple has traditionally been arrogant about sudden and drastic changes as part of the hardware and 256 GB looks another rumor that would not be fulfilled.

As far as the software changes, new processor, and improved features on screen are concerned, these look well convincing. Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are rumored to be released on September 7 and we would have to wait till the official launch for the exact news. Be wary though, considering this is still an iPhone and iPhones screens are notoriously prone to cracking and malfunctioning, make sure you know of a service to repair Apple products, such as Longmont Mac Repair and others.

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