Apple Business – What Drove Apple into Profit; Not iPhone

Apple Business is surging in the world and it is not because of iPhone. Yes, it can be amusing but it is not iPhone that is helping Apple Business. It is the Apps and Drive services that boosting the Apple. However, Apple iPhone is still the leading factor for the sale for Apple.

As per the latest reports released by the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, the apps and drive service of Apple has rose to 19%. The amount of earning coming from the apps, Apple Pay or Apple Store now stands at $6 billion. It is also the second highest sales factor for Apple Business. Sale of iPad stands at third whereas Mac stands at fourth.

Apple has suffered huge blow in last quarter when it reported loss. However, the sale of Apple iPhone has not seen any dramatic turn around in recent times but the apps and drive sources have helped the company to report profit this time.

It is expected that Apple is going to invest even more in the drive, cloud and app services to report even higher profit and growth in coming time. Apple has also planned for rumoured iPhone 7, release of A10 processor, iPad Pro 2 tablet and many more. The Apple Watch 2 is also on the cards , so overall it can be interesting year ahead for the US giant company.