Aparna Kalra, a 45-year-old freelance journalist who has worked with many top media houses, was brutally attacked at a park near her home in Delhi. The incident took place in Ashok Vihar where she lived. The attack was so brutal that she is battling for her life.

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The police said that locals called up the police and she was immediately taken to the Fortis Hospital. She has already undergone an operation to remove the fluid from her brain cavity. However, the fluid is not yet entirely removed. She was found unconscious in a pool of blood. The investigation has not found any link to the attack. The reports say that she gain consciousness and told Police about the attack but soon fell unconscious again. The doctors have told that she is recovering but also mentioned that the attack was brutal and it can cause death as well.

Aparna Kalra left for the park for the evening walk at around 6 PM yesterday, her sister informed. Her sister then got a call from the police at around 7 PM about the incident. The locals said that they saw her unconscious body and nothing else. However, the family of Aparna is reluctant to believe that. They think that eyewitnesses are not coming for the fear. Her sister told to the media houses that Aparna left her phone and valuables at home, so there is hardly any case of snatching or robbery.

Aparna Kalra has been reportedly attacked by the iron roads repeatedly believe the investigation. The investigation may become clearer when she gains her consciousness.