Anushka Sharma WhatsApp Number has been provided by the Marketing team of the movie Phillauri and fans can do video calling with her. She will always have the number with her and you can have a call with Ghost, Shashi of Phillauri aka Anushka Sharma.

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Mumbai Mirror reported that the Marketing and Promotional team has come up with the unique and special idea to promote the invisible ghost of the movie in real life too. The number has been registered in the name of Shashi and she would carry the number during the entire Promotional Campaign of the movie.

Anushka Sharma WhatsApp Number for the movie promotion would be a treat for the fans and that would be once in a life time opportunity for everyone to engage with the gorgeous diva of Bollywood. Anushka is playing a sweet neighborly ghost in the movie and the trailer of the movie has already generated huge buzz among the fans.

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However, the team is taking the promotion a step forward and giving access to her to all the fans. Well, that would be something very different for Bollywood, movie promotions and of course for the fans too. Mumbai Mirror has also published the Anushka Sharma WhatsApp Number for the movie Phillauri and here it is 9867473178.

So, the fans have to add her in the WhatsApp and then start doing video calling with the sexiest Ghost in the town.

Phillauri is releasing on March 24, 2017 and has been directed by Anshai Lal.