The world started paying attention towards the global warming since the famous Copenhagen meet. However, little has been since then. The greenhouse gases, UV Rays, surging pollution, industrialization have always been the part of the debate of the environment. Researches come and get fade away with time but fail to mark any awareness among people, industrialists, and even governments. The new study has now rocked the world and claimed that the entire sheet of Antarctica would be melted if the fossil oil deposits are burnt.

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The breathtaking report that was disclosed on Friday has taken environmentalists by storm. Even though many of them agreed that this issue is persisting since the 1970s but this is first such report that gives some deadline. The fossil oils are coal, Oil and Natural Gas and the burning of the deposits would melt the sheet of Antarctica that is larger than the United States. The burning would increase the temperature and that will in turn cause the melting. According to researchers, the water level is expected to rise catastrophically to around 160 feet and put human civilization into chaos.

The Scientists have estimated the timeline for the melting to be around 1000 years and that seem very less for a threat to human civilization. According to reports, the warming water of the ocean is expected to rise by a foot in 10 years. The warming of the ocean is present even now, but the rate of rise of sea level can be calculated as one tenth of the projection. This has raised an alarming threat to coastal cities especially those are at low sea level. Places like Salton Sea Beach are in the grave of danger as these are situated below the sea level. The rise of water may cause the destruction of many cities and beaches.



The research has been published by Science Advances. The researcher of Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and lead author of the Science Advances have made it clear that the more we burn, the more we melt it. If the other glaciers and ice sheets are also melted along with the Antarctica then the water level is expected to rise by 200 feet and that can extinct many cities and places. Places like New York, Sydney, Rome, London, Stockholm, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Washington, Mumbai, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai and many more will be under water.

It can fairly be said that if the fossil oils are continued to burn at the same rate, then we will be actually burning the human civilization.

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