Anjali Shrivastava, Bhojpuri actress allegedly committed suicide at her residence in Mumbai.  According to Police,  the actress was found hanging when her landlord opened the door with the spare key.  

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As per the reports, Anjali Shrivastava, did not answer the door bells.  Suspecting something wrong,  her landlord opened the door to find her hanging.  He immediately informed the Police Control Room.  The Police came to the spot and found her dead.

So far,  no clue has been found.  The actress did not leave any suicide note as well.  The probe is in the primary stage and it cannot be said why she took the extreme step.  However,  it is believed that further investigation and post mortem report would further provide details about this case.

Anjali Shrivastava stayed in the Parimal Society in Andheri West, Mumbai . She was a Bhojpuri actress and did few movies as well.  All angles will be looked into during investigation.

So far, her family and friends have not made any comment on her death.  Interestingly,  few days back,  another small time actress Kritika Choudhury was found dead in Andheri West.

The actresses from the entertainment world often commit the extreme step due to lack of work. However,  it would be unfair to comment on the death of the Anjali Shrivastava,  as Police is investigating.  There are chances that police try to find the other aspects on the death as well.  Even though,  primarily it is considered as a suicide but a murder plot cannot be ruled out until Police confirms.