Android Pattern Lock is used by millions of people in the world to safeguard the mobile phone. But how safe is it? Considering the significance of the mobile phones these days, it is important to carry out a research on the vulnerability of the security measure.

Android Pattern Lock

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A new Video and Vision Software is available on the market now that can crack your code in not more than a minute. Android gives you three chances to draw the pattern with 9 dots and after that a temporary shutdown takes place. Well, that is not a big deal anyway. The software can record the finger movements and suggest the possible pattern. The software has 95℅ success rate.

The trick is very simple. The video and vision software can record the movement from 2.5 meters with a mobile phone camera. The distance increases to 9 meters if you have a DSLR. It throws suggestions understanding the pattern to crack it. The reports suggest that it takes almost five attempts to crack it. The development has been observed by the Universities in the United States and China.

At a time when the Mobile phone has all crucial data starting from personal to banking, is it wise to set an Android Pattern Lock? Well certainly not. Fingerprint and Iris scanner are much more reliable options in this case.