Andrew Cuomo
Photo: James Messerschmidt

Andrew Cuomo, the Democratic Governor of New York has literally threatened President Trump. He has asked the president to stay away from New York. President Trump is scheduled to address a press conference in New York City.

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Donald Trump previously intended to withdraw federal funding from states which are facing lawlessness, mostly New York City, Portland, and Oregon. The riots, looting, and violence have an everyday affair in these cities. In responding to that, Andrew Cuomo said he better have an army with him, if he wants to come to New York. In further threatening, he said that the New Yorkers have nothing do with him. He further continued that no enough bodyguards can let him walk through the streets of New York City reported by Nypost.

This comes from the head of the government where a city is undergoing lawlessness. Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has not only threatened but probably provoked the rioters, protesters, the looters to target the President of the country.

City Under Protest – Who is blame Trump or Cuomo

It does not matter, whether the political ideology matches or not. Donald Trump is still the President of the United States. Provoking protesters and threatening the head of the country would only disgrace the nation.

New York City is iconic for the USA and the violent protestors have taken the city under the seize. No matter how angry one is, democracy does not allow lawlessness. However, with Andrew Cuomo, it seems, he wants more of it, considering the presidential election.

President Trump must also ensure that the calmness and prosperity of New York come back. People must protest if they want to with peaceful means. However, taking the law into the hands is as criminal as the killing of George Floyd was.

The US goes for election on November 3rd, and the voters would have the power to show their dissent. This is a democracy, this is how it works.