anal swab test

Anal swab tests in China have come to the news a few months ago. However, the talks were going for a long. China has been actively doing anal swab tests on its population now for some time.

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The latest reports have suggested that US diplomats and Japanese citizens are also subjected to it. Japan and the US have urged China to not do anal swab tests on their citizens. However, the question comes what the anal swab test is and why is it considered psychological terror?

Why Anal Swab Test

Chinese scientists said that after investigation they have found out that an infection is found in the gut for the COVID19 patients. The scientists claim the infection is detected even in the absence of gastrointestinal symptoms and even after the respiratory infection has cleared. That means, a large number of asymptomatic cases can be detected, conclude Chinese scientists.

It is taken through a swab through 2 inches inside the rectum. The swab needs to be rotated several times to get the specimen.


Well, the world does not agree on the effectiveness of the anal swab test. Scientists from the rest of the world believe that the specimen from the upper respiratory system is the best specimen. There is little or no real value of the anal swab test. However, it is a psychological terror on the patients.


The test has made a psychological impact on the patients. It is a trauma that they go through and they can hardly deny this test. Being a communist country, China does not really give people an option to have an opinion on it. The test is being forced on the population and thus the terror is continuing.

The other countries however are trying to figure out ways to protect their citizens from this test.