Amy Morris, former model accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Assault

Amy Dorris, 48, former model has accused President Donald Trump of sexual assault. The former model said President, then a Real Estate tycoon sexually assaulted her in 1997.

She said that the incident happened during a US Open match at the Trump VIP box. On September 5, 1997, Trump assaulted her. She told during her interview with the Guardian. She accused that Trump forced his tongue down her throat. She tried to get off, but could not. Trump allegedly groped her allover. She insisted that even though she pleaded, but Trump did not let her go.

Amy Morris was 24 when the incident happened.

Recalling the horror, she insisted that she felt violated and humiliated. However, she had to act normal. She kept quiet so far, but any longer. She wanted to be the role model for her twin daughters.

Amy Morris was with Jason Binn, her then-boyfriend at Trump’s VIP Box. She alleged that Jason introduced her to Donald Trump and they joined the US Open match.

Morris said that she went the next day, but she wasn’t assaulted but he continued pursuing her.

Amy Morris during Interview

Trump’s lawyers have denied the allegations and told it is baseless. They said, there could have been many eyewitnesses in the VIP box.

Trump watched the US Open that year with his ex-wife Ivana Trump along with Binn and Morris.

Amy Morris said that she considered speaking in 2016 when many women came forward and accused Trump of sexual assaults. Few of the cases are being contested in the courts as well.

There are always two sides to the story. One could argue, that she spoke out about the assault and must be appreciated. However, the other side might raise a question on the timing of the allegation. The election is due on November 3, and they might say that this is an attempt to reignite the old debate.

Whatever may be the case, both sides must be heard and justice must be delivered.