Amsterdam Red Light District
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Amsterdam Red Light district is known in the entire world. However, a collation party in the Dutch Government is asking for paid sex to be banned. The Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) MP Anne Kuik has revived the age-old debate yet again. It is being debated in the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of the Dutch Parliament as reported by Dutch News.

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Anne Kuik said that post prostitutes are against doing it, but they do it because it is paid. She highlighted that consent is bought and women are treated as commodities. She insisted that most of the women in the Amsterdam Red Light District are from poorer European countries. According to her argument, when no one wants their daughter to be a sex worker, then why allow it?

Talking about the equality of the women, she said that an initiative is in the discussion. The Christian Youth movement is to curb prostitution. There are already more than 50000 signatures in it.

She also drew the example of Sweden where the paid sex is banned by law. The buyer is prosecuted in Sweden but not the prostitute. Anne Kuik argued that the legalization has not stopped the abuse of sex workers. However, criminalization would help many to escape the abuse, and equality can be achieved.

Other coalition partners, D66 and People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy are however not on the same page. They have opposed the idea of banning legal prostitution. They argue that it will only push prostitution underground.

As per reports, SGP and ChristenUnie parties of the government are going to support the motion. These parties have rallied for the ban of paid sex for years now and supported the motion.

However, considering the opposition, it is difficult to believe that the motion will be passed. However, this might open up the debate yet again to safeguard the rights at the Amsterdam Red Light District.