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An American family robbed at Gunpoint in Mexico, as per the local Mexican reports. The Arizona family was vacationing in Mexico when AK-47 brandishing robbers robbed them.

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 American Family Robbed at Gunpoint in Mexico

The robbery took place on a highway leading to the town of Caborca, near resort Puerto Penasco, Sonora. At around 6 PM, took a Toyota Tundra, a 20 feet flatbed trailer, one all-terrain vehicle, and the cellphones of the Davis family of Arizona as per El Sol de Hermosillo.

In her post she said,

“From what we can gather, there must have been someone waiting on the side of the road looking for the perfect opportunity. We had been riding in our 2017 Toyota Tundra TRD PRO, along with our 20-foot trailer, my husband’s mountain bike, coolers, as well as our luggage and food for several days. Around 6:00 pm a gray sedan pulled up by the driver’s door and a man pulled out an AK-47 and pointed it directly at my husband. They ordered him to stop or they would shoot him. My husband immediately stopped and they ordered him to get out of the car with a machine gun still pointed at his face.”

The men appeared in a grey sedan and stopped Mason Davis, Natalie Lines Davis, and their two daughters.  They were left stranded on the road. The family walked till a nearby farm where they asked for help. They were soon taken to the military outpost where they got a room. They made some calls to their friends and American Consulate, and help is on the way for them.

They were unharmed but traumatized. The daughters are absolutely terrorized by the crime.

The border report has reached out to the Attorney General’s office but has not heard back anything from them. The family has reportedly found a safe place at Puerto Penasco resort after help from the American consulate.

Mr. Davis posted,

“My family is safe, our children were not taken, our lives were prolonged and I remember again that God loves and cares for each one of us. Tomorrow the American Consulate will arrive and escort us home after the border opens.”

Border report has reported increased highway robberies in Mexico.

Caborca is around 100 miles from Nogales, Arizona.