Amarnath Yatra in danger – Intelligence reports suggest Terrorist Attack on Pilgrims

Amarnath Yatra may be in danger as per the latest reports. The Times Now reported that terrorists are planning to attack the pilgrims. The Amarnath Yatra in Kashmir is one of the most important pilgrimages for Hindus in India. Kashmiris have always been protected about the Amarnath Yatra and pilgrimage despite high tensions. However, as per the reports, the militants are targeting at least 150 pilgrimages in the Yatra.
The long journeys where only selected people go have to walk to reach the top of the hill and visit the Amarnath. The journey opens for only selected time and the shrine board manages the entire journey. People need to fill the form and undergo a medical treatment. The journey is also highly monitored as well. However, it has been highly monitored every time.

Despite the threats, it is to be noticed, that locals are very helpful for the pilgrimages and the Amarnath Yatra. Many people who have taken the pilgrimage have told that there is no tension from the locals and also they are very helpful. They have always maintained that locals, in fact, ensure the safety of the pilgrimages.

The terrorists or the Kashmiri militants have targeted majorly security forces. However, there was a time when tourists and even locals were targeted during the early 1990s. However, the situation changed a lot since then. Since last year, the things have changed yet again and the intelligence believes that militants can attack the pilgrims.

There is no official confirmation of the news, so there is nothing to panic about as well, believe the Asian Herald. However, for safety concerns, one must talk to the authorities to get the better idea.