Alligator attacks a Florida man and tried dragging him into the canal.

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Mark Johnson, 61, was walking his dog close to the bank of a canal at St. Port Lucie. As he was walking along with his Golden Retriever, Rex, an alligator was observing him. The 8-foot alligator lunged from the water suddenly and attacked Johnson. It clamped down the bottom of his right leg.

Alligator attacks a Florida man

His foot slipped on the muddy bank as the animal continued to grab the leg with its powerful jaw. The alligator tried dragging him to the canal. He tried everything but could not overpower the alligator.

The grip was very firm, he told. There was no way, the alligator was letting him go. Johnson had only one way to escape, use his fingers. He poked his fingers on the eye of the alligator. The animal loosened its grip for split seconds after the eyes were gauged.

That was the chance for Johnson, he grabbed it.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told that trappers were sent and caught the alligator which was 8-foot long and weighed around 250 pounds. The animal was euthanized humanly for the safety of the people.

Johnson received 60 stitches on his leg and fingers. He is currently recovering from the injury caused by the jaws of the alligator. The dog was however not injured, reported Newsweek.

The victim warned everyone who walks on the bank of the canal. He said that had he been a small child or a pet, he would not have stood a chance against the mighty animal.

As per Newsweek, FWC confirmed two other major alligator attacks in the past month. A 41-year-old man was attacked during alligator hunting. A 27-year-old woman was attacked in her own yard.

The agency is taking all necessary actions.