Aliens contacted Earth already that has been communicated by the scientists. The report has been published in the Journal Astrobiology. According to the new study, scientists say that it is possible that aliens may have found that earth is habitable and they might have contacted but the signals we may receive now. It is therefore very important to decode the signals. The scientists said that the signal can be of any form and it is important that the we keep our focuses on it.

Aliens contacted Earth Already

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Astrophysicists Rene Heller and Ralph Pudritz from McMaster University, Canada explained that it has to be kept in mind that extraterrestrial life is very much possible. However, the methods of their communication can not be known. But it is best to assume that they will use the same process that scientists in Earth do. He described the process of the Transition Zone that can be a great way to look out for the aliens life. Transition Zone is small passage in the universe from where the planet or the moon passes through the face of the host star. The diminishing star light and the shadow of the planet can explain lot of things including the surface temperature and habitat condition. It was explained that scientists have already identified more than dozens planet in the universe that have possibility of life.

Aliens contacted Earth

Did Aliens contacted Earth

The study explained that even if the aliens identified earth as a potential habitat for life and sent signal through the same transition zone approach in past, then it is very likely that the signals will be received now. The signals might have travelled for thousands of years and may get lost in the spacd as well. However, if the signals sent are understood then big truth about the extraterrestrial life can be revealed.