Alexei Navalny to be flown to Germany for treatment

Alexei Navalny, the opposition leader of Russia is expected to be flown to Germany for treatment. The Guardian reported that after a tense 12-hour standoff between the Omsk hospital and the families and aids of Navalny, the doctors permitted the release of the leader. He has been in a coma for more than 36 hours for suspected poisoning.

A medical plane chartered by a German NGO has been waiting at the Omsk airport for airlifting Navalny. However, the hospital authorities previously denied permission to discharge him on medical grounds. Wife of Navalny even directly requested Russian President and arch-rival of Navalny, Vladimir Putin directly for the discharge. Yulia Navalnaya, the wife of Navalny, wrote a letter addressed to Putin asking his permission to transport her husband for qualified medical assistance.

As per Kira Yarmysh, an aide of Navalny, the doctors changed their stance late in the evening of Friday and now he is set to be flown out to Berlin Charite hospital on Saturday morning.

Earlier the doctor said that the leader is not in a stable condition and thus not permitted to be transported. Head doctor, Alexander Murakhovsky also denied the poisoning and said he has been diagnosed with metabolic disease and low blood sugar.

The supporters of Navalny have cried foul in the decision and said that the hospital authorities are under pressure. They might have instructed not to let him transport to any independent lab. They claimed that the conspirators are scared that the secret will be revealed.

His wife spoke to journalists and said that his condition is fast deteriorating and she does not trust the hospital. She demanded the release of her husband so that he can be treated in a better medical facility with the doctors who can be trusted. She fears even the worst could happen if he is not released.