Akshay Kumar recently got detained in London. But you know why? Because he uses his Canadian Passport as he holds the Canadian Passport and Nationality too. As per the UK norms, a Canadian National can spend 90 days in the UK without the Visa. Akshay Kumar who traveled to London from Mumbai got detained. Many people don’t know that Akshay Kumar is a Canadian National too as the Canada Government offered him the passport and he took it gracefully.

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Akshay Kumar – A Canadian National

There is no disrespect to the Bollywood star who have given numerous hit movies and has been very active in social work as well in recent times. However, people from India started protesting against the British that they detained an Indian and mishandled him. Well, an Indian was not, but a Canadian was. Akshay Kumar uses his Canadian passport but he claims to be Indian. However, the debate begins again about National and Anti National.

Akshay Kumar vs Aamir Khan

Remember Aamir Khan, yes the Anti National? He was the brand ambassador of Incredible India and he did quite well. He said that his wife sometimes fears about the growing intolerance and talks about leaving the country and then he added that this is unfortunate. But overnight the people who praised him for Satymev Jayate and Incredible India branded him as Anti National, Pakistani and Traitor. Well, now take the case of Akshay Kumar, who is considered as one of the greatest Nationals because he did plenty of movies on soldiers and such issues. Well, he has done some charity as well. But, he is a brand ambassador of Canada to India to promote Canada as the tourist destination for Indian. He is also a Citizen of Canada. He has been conferred with Honorary Doctorate of Law degree by the University of Windsor, Canada. So, he has already taken the citizenship of other country and he uses it. However, another actor who feared about leaving but never left and a proud citizen is Anti National. Akshay Kumar is a great actor and he is not an Anti National as he took the Canadian Citizenship. In the same way, Aamir Khan is also not. Interestingly , India does not allow Dual Citizenship and as he holds the Canadian Passport, he might have given up the Indian Passport. So, basically, he is no longer Indian. But still Aamir Khan is Anti National. My Country at its best.

Akshay Kumar
Honorary Doctorate of Law degree by the University of Windsor conferred to Akshay Kumar

People talk about soldiers and compare Akshay many times with them as he played on screen roles. He is again playing Indian Navy Officer in Rustom and he was detained for his Canadian passport. However, a soldier will never accept such offer but Akshay did. This debate is extremely confusing but people may differ with me, they can abuse and even make me Anti National. But the decision lies with the people.