Air India flights remain in news for the wrong reasons. However, not every time it happens. There are times when the Air India flights have brought down the egos of most power personalities and two are recent examples. Well, Air India may not be directly responsible and it may be a mere coincidence, but sometimes that matter.

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Ravindra Gaikwad

The first is obviously the rowdy MP of Shiv Sena Ravindra Gaikwad. He was slapped with a flying ban after he slapped the AI employee with a slipper. He looked absolutely disgusting while chest thumping his activities in a TV interview. There was chaos in the Parliament over his flying ban. He tried to book tickets many times but got denied. The six major private airlines also joined Air India brings his ego down. The flying man of ego was reduced to keywords that would alert the officials for the cancellation of the ticket. He finally sent the regret letter and Air India today removed the flying ban after Government ordered to do so.

Kapil Sharma

He was not brought down by Air India but whatever happened to the Air India flight from Melbourne to Mumbai would always remain in the heart of the King of TV comedy. He was found hurling abuse and shoe to his cofactor Sunil Grover of The Kapil Sharma Show. Humiliated Sunil did not return to the show despite an apology. He was joined by others again and the TRP of the Kapil Sharma Show was reduced to shambles. There are reports that The Kapil Sharma Show may be called off and that could be another disaster for him. He was getting popular with every passing day and he probably could not handle it.

Whatever happened on the two Air India flights would always keep them grounded forever if they want to learn a lesson from the past after all.