Source: Siasat

AIMIM workers attacked in the Sholapur region during a public rally. The AIMIM is contesting on almost 32 seats in the upcoming Sholapur Municipal Elections to expand the base of the party in Maharashtra. As per the, the attack took place on 19th February evening.

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The reports suggest that during a public rally, the NCP and AIMIM Workers confronted each and other. Soon, the situation went out of hand as the AIMIM workers were beaten black and blue say reports. There were injuries to the policemen as well who are deployed there. The workers have fled the location and investigation is underway. The total injured people in the clash are around 7, reports Siasat. AIMIM workers attacked in the Sholapur region is obviously another example of the violent and hostile political practices in India.

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The Hyderabad based political party has decided to make a PAN India appeal and has decided to contest many state elections and the Municipal Elections as well. Out of 102 seats, the AIMIM has decided to fight in 32 seats. Their motive is very clear that they want to be in relevance in the Maharashtra Politics. They do not really want to win the elections but make themselves heard. However, this incident has again created new tensions in the region.

However, the AIMIM leaders have said that the opposition parties are scared to lose their votes to AIMIM. The act was unacceptable and out of hostilities authorities of the party reportedly said.