AIADMK Crisis – Let Ideology and Reforms Rule now in Tamil Nadu, not Personality Cults

AIADMK Crisis has intensified as the OPS fraction now has 11 more members and the numbers are looking to grow. Personality Cults have ruled the state of Tamil Nadu since decades. It used to be the MGR and then the baton was passed to Jayalalithaa. It was the leaders who won the elections. There was hardly the reforms, ideology and economic agendas that have made it to the Tamil Nadu elections. However, the situation was under control because they made some initiatives and had the pressure of maintaining their cults. Well, everything has changed now in Tamil Nadu politics after the sad demise of J Jayalalithaa.

AIADMK Crisis has given birth to two fractions and both are riding high on the personality cults. O Pannerselvam calls himself the loyal of Amma and Sasikala is called as the Chinamma, the younger sister of Amma. So, basically, both of them are trying to capitalize the legacy left void by Jayalalithaa. However, unfortunately, none of them enjoy the same popularity as Jayalalithaa or MGR for that matter used to have. It is time for the person of Tamil Nadu to have a CM who pushes forward the agendas, not the personality cults.

Even today, as the supporters of V K Sasikala, grew thinner, one of the MP gave life threatening to O Pannerselvam. Well, a case has been registered but that shows that the urgency of ideology in the Tamil Nadu political system. It is the time that O Pannerselvam and V K Sasikala come forward with their economic agendas and the detailed policies that they want to implement as Chief Minister.

AIADMK Crisis has given the sixth most populated state in India, a chance to thrive based on the reforms, not Personality cults.