It was not long ago when a campaign started to save the Tigers of India. The conservation acts of the government and the NGOs have now stabilizing the count. However, in other part of the world, the Lions are now significantly reducing. According to new data released, the Lions of Africa would be halved in another two decades. The population has already reduced by a large number and if the conservation acts are not strong enough, the situation can be even worse.

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The research has been published in the National Academy of Sciences and Luke Hunter one of the authors of it mentioned worrying signs for the same. Luke is the President of Panthera, a group that works for conservations of the Lions. The reports say that the Lion Population in West and Central Africa is reducing at an alarming rate. Comoé and Mole are two of the major National Parks in that region and the Lions are virtually extinct there now. The entire Lion Population of Africa is already halved as compared to 1993.

The journal has published the report which says that total estimations of the Lions could be around 8221 and that is a huge decline for entire Africa. The experts say that the Eastern Part of Africa has generally thrived the Lion Population but the new signals are worrying as well. However, it is not declining as fast as West or Central Africa, but there is a steady decrease in the number.

The increasing populations of lions in African Nations could be reason for reduction in Lions. As of now, almost 20000 lions are expected in the entire Africa and count could drop by 50% in coming 20 years. However, every factor have not been included in the report and it is only based on surveys. If the researchers are to be heard, then they said they have been optimistic to give this numbers. It could be even worse.

It is important that the Nations now get a wakeup call about the number of Lions. The conservation of Lions is important and so is the wildlife. If the appropriate actions are not taken immediately then African Nations may lose the heritage they are holding for ages. Lions are the identity for the African Jungles and the threat of their existence is not only a message to the countries but to all.