Afghanistan is making a point in the world politics and the war-ravaged country is soon becoming a country to look for. After the 15 years of Taliban demolition, Afghanistan has been destabilized by the terror outfits and Taliban, time and again. However, the country looked confident and strong enough to deal with the problems as they seek to prosper. From politics to cricket and from diplomacy to boldness, Afghanistan is proving that they cannot be ignored.

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China recently praised Afghans for helping them fight the East Turkestan Islamic Movement or ETIM, a UN recognized Terror outfit that is active in the wester Xinjiang Province in India. Chinese Defence Minister Chang Wanquan was a happy man recently as he thanked the Afghan military for dealing with the situation. Afghan have beautifully kept the good repo and relation with China and India, even though China and India often found themselves in mid of loggerhead. But the diplomacy and the maturity, Afghan are showing is a good sign for the country. The Afghan government is working with India and Iran to establish a port city in Iran to be funded by India. This should be an act to counter the China Pakistan Economic Corridor where China is making Karachi as the port hub for them as well. Indo-Afghan trade gets often disturbed by the delaying tactics of Pakistan and thus India diplomacy now look forward to the Iran Port mission.

On the other hand, Afghanistan has been very clear about dealing with Islamic Militancy with an iron hand. The country has blamed Pakistan for spreading terror and President Ghani has spelled out clearly that no one will be spared if the sovereignty of the Afghan people is harmed.

The economy of the country may be staggering, maybe it needs huge time to recover the loss it has suffered, but Afghanistan is showing the intent to prove everyone wrong.