Acidity is the gift of the modern day lifestyle and almost 90% of grown adult face this issue. There are cases where the acidity turns chronic and it can be even life threatening. Yes, there are medications available; there are doctors who can help you with these issues. However, the best way to tackle the problem is to eradicate it from the roots. So, in order to fight acidity, you may need to change some of your habits. The experts believe there are some common reasons for acidities and you may need to follow the advice to reduce the acidity problems.

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Avoid Tea

Tea can be a major reason for forming acids in the body. Taking tea multiple times can really be harmful and thus you must ensure that you at least control the habit. However, if you are a chronic patient, then it is better to quit the habit. However, the doctors believe that Green Tea without sugar can be a better option for such patients.

Do not skip breakfast

Food habits are very important and people often make a blunder by skipping breakfast. The gap between the dinner and the breakfast is the longest and if you skip it then you allow the acid to form. So, never ever skip breakfast.

Smoke and Drink Less

Smoking and Drinking are not only bad for Lungs and Liver respectively, it can be dangerous for you acidity issues as well. So, if you smoke a lot or alcoholic, then time to rethink.

No to Fried food

Friend food can be the villain for your acidity issues and thus leave all your favourite fried foods. Say no to Samosa or similar fried foods to control the acid issues in the body.

Do not sit after eating

People generally eat and then sit or lay down, this can create major problems for you. Always try to walk a little to digest the food well and that can help you fight obesity and weight loss as well.

Do not overeat

Overeating is one of the major reasons for the acidity and thus it must be avoided. People often overeat and that disturbs the digestion which in turns create the acidic problems in the body.

There are plenty of other habits that should be avoided to curb the issues and most important of them are drinking water, no late night sleeping, adequate sleep, no over carbonated drinking and others.

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