Indian IT is on the path of rocks and stones as per the media reports. There are reports of studies that claim 95% developers cannot code. There have been reports before that say that 62% are employable and there are reports that Indian IT companies are firing people. If all of these studies and reports are put together, then the only conclusion that can be drawn is “Irresponsible and Absurd”.

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The recent reports are about Wipro laying off professionals. This is the time when every organization restructures the employee strength on the basis of the performance. The lower rating employees leave the organization for better hikes. The high attrition is very common during April and that has nothing to do with any other thing. Today the report can be of Wipro, there will be reports in near future about other companies, Indian or Non-Indian. There is nothing to panic.

These studies have no proper evidence and are based on a sample size that has nothing to do with the reality. There are brilliant coders in India and all of them are doing extremely good in different organizations. No company is so great that they would employ people with substandard coding standards. However, it can be said that the requirement of enhanced coding has reduced due to the lack of scratch project. However, that has nothing to do with the capability. If the employability is concerned then training and learning are always there to upgrade people. This is a continuous process in the dynamic technology industry.

Overall, it can be said that there are some challenges to the onshore opportunities to the Indian IT companies; however, the offshore model that has given birth to the strong Indian IT has nothing to fear about. So, if you are worried about the reports, just relax and upgrade your skills, there is a place for the right people at the right place even today.