Source: KOIN

Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt statues were pull down by the agitating protestors on Sunday night in Portland. The protestors were declaring their rage against the Columbus Day and decided to pull down the statues of former Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

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Columbus Day is celebrated for the 15th-century Italian explorer. However, the protestors said that he is a polarizing figure and caused genocide of the native Americans. They even declared the day as the ‘Indigenous People Day of Rage’.

Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt statues pull down

The Portland protestors first threw chains around Teddy Roosevelt’s statue. Red paint was thrown and started using a blow torch on the base of the monument. Just before 9PM, the statue was pulled down as per CBS News. Abraham Lincoln’s statue was pulled down just eight minutes later.

Theodore Roosevelt Statue down
Source: KOIN

There are historic references that show that Theodore Roosevelt was hostile to the native population, said the protestors. Protestors marked Dakota 38 on the base of Lincoln’s statue. Lincoln approved 38 Dakota Men to be hanged after a violent conflict with White settlers in Minnesota.

However, the ruckus did not stop there. The protestors than smashed the windows of the Oregon Historical Society and moved to Portland State University Campus.

The Police later declared the event as riot and asked everyone to disperse. The police also threatened with arrests. However, no report of arrest has been found.

Portland has been the hotbed of the protests since the death of George Floyd. The Democratic government has failed to control the mob violence in the state of Oregon and with each passing day, the state is turning out to be a lawless city.

Many buildings were damaged reported KOIN and several windows and doors of the shops and restaurants were vandalized during the protest.