During the poster release of Dangal, Aamir Khan on Salman Khan rape remark created quite uproar. Aamir Khan is considered very close to Salman but he has said the Rape remark comments of Salman as unfortunate and insensitive. This is the first time any star from Bollywood openly spoke against Salman Khan rape remark. Salman is yet to issue an apology for the same.

Aamir Khan on Salman Khan

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However, Aamir Khan also commented that who is he to advice on the entire matter. Earlier Shah Rukh Khan also made similar statement.

Even though, Aamir Khan on Salman Khan comments made quite uproar, but he actually played safe.

Here is the Dangal Poster


He also said that the release of Dangal poster just before the Sultan release is tactical. He said that the Sultan will be a bumper hit and he assumes that many people will visit the theatre. The production team wants to reach people to let them know that they are coming in six months.

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