Aadhar Card received a huge set back from the Apex Court yet again. The Supreme Court of India reiterated that Aadhar Card cannot be made mandatory for the Government Welfare Schemes. However, the court said that the Government can ensure that it is compulsory for other services like bank account opening.

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The Supreme Court order came after Finance Minister Arun Jaitley hinted that Aadhar Card can be made the sole identification for the citizens in India much like Social Security Number or SSN in the USA or Social Identification Number or SIN in Canada. However, the Apex Court yet again road blocked Government.

The significance of Aadhar card has increased in recent times. Starting from bank account to the LPG subsidy, Aadhar card is mandatory. Indian Passport is largely Aadhar dependent now and so would be PAN card in near future. It has even been reported that Aadhar would be important for continuing or obtaining a SIM card.

However, the allocation of Aadhar and the maintenance of record are arguable in Aadhar. Recently, India Today reported that how easy it is to fetch records from the Government portals linked to Aadhar. The Aadhar Website is not working all the time and faces Technical glitches now and then. Even though the center’s of Aadhar has increased but still there are a large number of people yet to get Aadhar. There are reports that people from other countries have been issued Aadhar Card and the level of discrepancies in the card is no secret.

The Supreme Court said that a panel of seven judges to be constituted in future for this for a detailed verdict.