Source: Harris County Sheriff's Office)

A wedding in Texas ended up in disaster. A guest in the wedding shot the groom in the chest reportedly after an altercation with the groom. The incident took place in a residence in Harris County on Thursday night. A medical chopper immediately came into action and airlifted the groom to the hospital. The Foxnews reported that he is in critical condition. Click 2 Houston reported that he is getting ready for the surgery and in stable condition now.

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As per the Captain John Shannon, the groom was shot on the wedding day. He also claimed that the witnesses are not cooperating with the responding officers present. Captain Shannon is with the Harris County Sheriff’s office. Investigators claimed that the bride is also included among those who were clamped up.

As per the investigators, the accused was invited to the wedding party. However, he got into an altercation with the groom soon after. The person most likely in a fit of rage shot him. However, it is too early to tell whether it was an organized crime. The investigators are still trying to link the puzzles.

The authorities first could not find the victim. However, they located him on the other side of the street soon after.

As per the report, a woman said that she was in bed when she heard the gunshot. She said that her daughter ran into her room and shouted about the gunshot. When she came outside, she saw the bride yelling, “Where is he? Where is he? I need to find him.”

Even though the role of the bride is under scanner, but it cannot be ignored that this was a disastrous wedding in Texas.

Wedding is the most special day for a person. Wedding jitters are very common but getting shot at chest on the day is horrible. We wish him speedy recovery.