flavia godinho
Source: NSC Total

A pregnant woman was killed to steal the unborn baby by her friend. Brazilian woman Flavia Godinho Mafra was 36 weeks pregnant when she was lured to a fake baby shower. Her unborn baby was taken by cutting her abdomen. The child miraculously survived however and is doing well. The child is doing well at Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital in Florianópolis, reported news.com.au.

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Flavia did not return home after the baby shower that raised concerns for her family. Her husband, Valdeli Mafra later found her body with their baby missing. She was only 24 years old. The autopsy reports suggest she died due to injuries to her abdomen. She was also hit by a brick reported NSC Total.

Police have confirmed that one of her friends is behind the murder of Flavia Mafra. The friend wanted to steal her baby. Flavia’s friend recently had a miscarriage and did not reveal it to anyone. She hatched a plan to steal the unborn baby of Flavia by killing her.

What happened on Aug 27

Flavia Mafra was invited by her killer friend to a baby shower at São João Batist. There were other friends who were also invited. However, the others were later told that it has canceled. As Flavia reached the fake baby shower, she was taken to a secluded place. Her killer friend hit her with a brick from the back. When she was unconscious or did not have the energy to fight back, her unborn baby was taken out by cutting her belly. She was left to die there.

The cruel and gruesome murder has shocked everyone. Flavia was one of the nicest people in her area. She was a teacher and worked in a stationery store. However, as was diabetic and in fear of coronavirus, she was not going to her jobs.

When she did not return, her worried family went to the killer friend to inquire. However, she told that Flavia has already left with someone else. Flavia’s body was found the next day at 9 AM. When the police confronted her, she confessed, reported NSC Total.

The gruesome death of Flavia has shaken the value of friendship and motherhood.