All 94 Udta Punjab Cuts by CBFC – It is really suspicious

All the Udta Punjab Cuts by CBFC clearly indicates some or the other influences. It was previously told that the CBFC Chief Pahlaj Nihalani has made the cuts on the influence of SAD government in Punjab which is to go for an election in 2017. As the movie deals with the drug problem in the state, CBFC has decided to cut the wings of Udta Punjab. The Udta Punjab cuts by CBFC are 94 in number and some of them are even crazy as it can be. Despite everything, the movie has been granted an “A” certificate means only Adults can watch the Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor starter.

Udta Punjab cuts by CBFC

The first cut is the name of the movie. The movie should not have reference to Punjab in the name. Apart from it, a signboard showing “Punjab” in the movie has to be deleted. All the name of the places in Punjab including Ludhiana, Amritsar, Moga, Chandigarh, Jalandhar and others have to be deleted as well. Overall, there should be no way that a person can correlate the movie with Punjab. It should be like somewhere in India may be not even India. So, overall 11 cuts for Punjab reference in the movie.

There are 20 abusive words as per CBFC and all of these must be deleted. The words include “Ku**i” and Chittave (a slang used for drugs) as well. But that is not all and that is the most suspicious parts. The CBFC wants that no word like MLA, MP, Election, Parliament should be used in the movie and all of those have been included in the Udta Punjab cuts by CBFC as well. It even has a problem with the word Jacky Chain, a name of a dog in the movie. However, Pahlaj Nihalani thinks it may be referring to the Hollywood star Jacky Chan and has been cut.

In a movie scene where Shahid Kapoor is urinating in front of a crowd has been cut. A scene with people taking drugs also has been cut. Overall, there are 94 cuts in the movie with A certificate and a disclaimer. This disclaimer really says may thing about CBFC.

The Indian Express quoted the Disclaimer as the following.

“The film focuses on the rising menace of drugs and the war on drugs and is an attempt to show the ill-effects of drugs on today’s youth and social fabric. We acknowledge the battle against drugs being fought by the government and the police. But this battle can’t be won unless the people of India unite against the menace.”

Pahlaj Nihalani has even said that the producers have taken money from Aam Aadmi Party to make the movie demean Punjab. AAP has condemned and rejected the claims made by Nihalani.